viernes, 21 de noviembre de 2008

Modals verbs


Must and Have to
  • Students must come to school at 9 o'clock.
  • This must be the new pupil, I don't know him.
  • You must do something to improve your english.
  • They have to come to the school on time. They are always late.
  • I have to go to the doctor, I hurt my knee.


Don't have to/ Don't need to/ needn't

  • You don't have to come, there are enought of us.
  • We needn't go to help them, they have hired a removal company.
  • She doesn't need to bring money. Everything is paid by the school.


Need to

  • We need to agree on this point before starting.
  • Everybody needs to be happy once a day.
  • They need to know the train timetable to plan the trip.



  • Remember for our trip:
  • We mustn't carry scissors in our hand luggage.
  • We mustn't go in to the cathedral with shorts.
  • We mustn't take pictures in this museum.
  • We mustn't go out alone, we can get lost.
  • We mustnt't drink tap water.


Should/Ought to/ Had better

  • You should know by now which book to bring to the class.
  • We should read the newspaper sometimes. There are good offers.
  • She ought to buy a ticket soon if she wants to go to the concert.
  • If you can't see well the blackboard, you had better visit the oculist.
  • The bus is here. I had better to get on now.


Can/ Could/ Be able to

  • We can do a very nice project today.
  • Pablo can do a big drawing and the others can paint it,
  • We couldn't finish the mural last week,
  • If everybody works, we will be able to finish it this week.


Can/ Could/ May

  • Can I sit in this chair?
  • Sorry, I'm late. May I come in?
  • May I go to school with you tomorrow?
  • You may always come with us.
  • Could I borrow your book, please?


May/ Might/ Could

  • Are you coming on the excursion? I don't know, I may go
  • Do you know what the weather will be like on saturday? No, it might rain
  • or it might be sunny. I don't trust the weather forecast. When they say it's going to be cloudy
  • it could be anything.
  • Anyway we could take our raincoats.

May/ might not or Mightn't/ Could not or Couldn't

  • We are driving to the airport, but we may not arrive on time.
  • We couldn't arrive on time, there was a crash accident in the road.
  • I am in the third year of the degree course and I might not finish it in june.

Must/ Can't

  • Your jacket must be in the playground I saw you with it on.
  • It can't be far from here, you were wearing it this morning.
  • We must study hard for the exam,
  • It can't be so difficult, we passed the other one.


Can/ Could/ Would/Shall

  • Can you lend me your English book?
  • Could you mind if I writer the answer in your book?
  • Would you like to play in our team?
  • Shall I show you the way?

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