sábado, 27 de diciembre de 2008

Writting project

Once upon a time...

a little girl called Mayte was born on an island in the Mediterranean Sea, Eivissa.
I was the youngest of three children. We lived in a house in a quiet neighbourhood which was full of children. I remember my childhood as a time of games in the street; we used to spend the time under or even in the trees. Our favourites games were catch, hide and seek or something with the other neighbours. We always walked to the school although it was two kilometres away.
When I finished primary school I studied Fashion Design in an Art School. At that time my mother had another baby which was a happy event in our family and I was not the youngest any more.
After a few years studying in the Art school I decided to go to Valencia to finish my studies. So I lived two years in there for, it was exciting to live in a city on my own. Nothing was the same anymore; I felt I was not a child any longer (obviously I was wrong).
When I had finished fashion Design at the age of eighteen I didn’t feel able to work in a company and it didn’t have many offers to do it, so I went to Barcelona to carry on studying. That time I studied Printed Design in the Art School of Barcelona. I found a part-time job in a leather company and I went to school in the afternoon.
I was living in Barcelona when I started a small fashion business with a friend. We made and printed dresses and sold them in to shops in the city. That was a very busy and exciting moment in my life. We made everything by hand. It was a very craft job and we loved it. We didn’t earn a lot of money but at least I could pay the rent and save some money to invest in our little company.
One day I had the chance to go to get practical experience in a company in Amsterdam and I didn’t hesitate. That wasn’t a real fashion company; they bought clothes, copied and produced in Korea or Pakistan.
Though I didn’t enjoy that job, I loved Amsterdam and my life there; I met a lot of people from all over the world. I was also working for a while in a restaurant and I used to ride my bike to go everywhere. That was a very special time in my life; I keep in touch with some friends from Amsterdam.
One day I decided to come back home. Since I’m back in Eivissa I have had a lot of jobs, some were related to fashion, but I didn’t love any.

Three years ago I decided to study again; I wanted to do something related to psychology or pedagogy and I found the UIB, where I could study Special Education, which I didn’t exactly know what it was. But once I started I loved every subject.
Now I am in the third year and though it’s getting hard I hope to finish it in September or February, because I have applied to go to Peru in summer and this may delay the graduation. Once I have graduated I hope to find a job as a teacher soon and I would enjoy working with children in to a school and putting into practice all the skills I have been learning over these years.



jueves, 25 de diciembre de 2008

Report Speech

She/he Said that...

Mahadma Gandhi: "I want freedom for the full expression of my personality".
  • Gandhi said that he wanted freedom or the full expression of his personality.
Oscar Wilde: "Illusion is the first of all pleasures"
  • Oscar Wilde said that illusion was the first of all pleasures.


To express wishes in the present, or in the past or annoying habits

  • I wish my house had a bigger terrace.
  • I wish I could draw very well.
  • I wish I had time to go on a long trip.
  • I wish you had passed the exam.
  • I wish we had met at the party.
  • I wish you would do your homework every day.
  • I wish she would behave better in the playground.

Conditional Type 0

Present - Present
things happen

  • If you push this button, the radio turns off.
  • we are in the dark if you turn off the light.
  • If we eat too much, we get fat.

Conditional Type 3

Past perfect - would have
Imposible situation

  • If you had bought a lottery ticket, you would have some chance of winning.
  • We could have gone on a trip if you had won the lottery.
  • If we hadn't forgotten to bring the presents, we would have given them a nice surprise now.

Conditional Type 2

Past simple - would/Could
Unreal, imaginary situation

  • If I won the lottery, I Could buy great presents for everybody.
  • Everyone would be very happy with me If I bought them a lot of presents.
  • If we had more time, we could make her a very nice evening dress.
  • They would cook a great meal, if they had the appropriated ingredients.

Conditional Type 1

Present simple - will/can
Talking about something may o not happen

  • Santa Claus will bring you lots of presents if you are a good boy.
  • If you come early, we will go to the party together.
  • If we go to the party together, we will share a taxi.
  • If we share a taxi, we will save some money.
  • We can spend more money at the party if we save money on the taxi.